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This is where you can find out whether any technical issues currently exist that could impact or cause the failure of your 1&1 Web Hosting products.
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Security note
02/07/2014 6:17 PM
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02/07/2014 6:18 PM
Fault report
Affected products:

An immediate update is needed for the WordPress Plugin MailPoet Newsletters, also known as the Wysija Newsletters, regarding security vulnerability. Download the most recent MailPoet Newsletter version 2.6.7, if you have not previously. All versions before 2.6.7 are vulnerable to this security issue.

Download the MailPoet Newsletter Version 2.6.7 by accessing the following link. Click on Download Version 2.6.7 to begin the update.




If you do not download the MailPoet Newsletter Version 2.6.7, you will be vulnerable to this security issue.


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