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WordPress Security Update
24/04/2015 1:38 PM
Probable end:
Last update:
24/04/2015 1:39 PM
Security notice
Affected products:

WordPress 4.2.1 and 4.1.4 are available now. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to gain access to your website. Both updates contain important security fixes for WordPress 4.2 and WordPress 4.1.3 respectivly and we recommend you update your WordPress installation and plugins as soon as possible! Learn more http://1a1u.com/wp412


If you installed WordPress yourself or are using the system in "Free Mode", we highly recommend that you run the security update in the event that your version does not automatically update. The new WordPress version can be found on the following page:



If you installed WordPress as a Click & Build application in "Safe Mode", no action is required on your part. We will run the update for you.

For more information about the WordPress 4.1.4 Security Release, updates and helpful suggestions on how to improve your WordPress page, please visit our 1&1 Community Portal: http://1a1u.com/wp412 or http://1a1u.com/wp42.